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  • Siphon Records reserves the right to deny any licensing requests.

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ADDITIONAL INFORMATION (for Grand Rights request only)


In order to clear any music for inclusion in an audio-visual production you need to obtain two separate permissions, one from the owner of the specific Master Recording of the work (the Record Label) and one from the owner of the Musical Work written by the Songwriter (the Publisher).

In many cases Siphon Records collectively controls both the Master Recording and Publishing rights and will be able to clear both sets of rights (‘both sides’) in one go. For more information, please contact us directly.

At the discretion of Siphon Records and our artists, we may issue a license for collaborative projects that serve mutual interests. Please fill out the Licensing Request Form with extensive information about your project. Then submit a cover letter detailing your project and medium to info (at)

There are a number of factors we consider when formalizing a quote for you, subject to obtaining approval from
the Artist/Composer. These include:
   ○ The popularity of the requested song(s) and profile of the artist
   ○ Nature of the production (Feature Film? TV Series? Commercial? Corporate Video? Short Film? Video Game? Mobile App etc.)
   ○ Type of Exploitation: Theatrical (Cinema), Non–theatrical (Film Festivals, Online Streaming, TV, DVD, Video Game, etc)
   ○ Position of the music in the project (ie. Opening / End Credits? Background? etc.)
   ○ Duration and context - how much of the song you wish to use and how you wish to use it.
   ○ The time-frame you require the license for (1 month/12 months/5 years/In Perpetuity)
   ○ Which Territories you wish to license for your project (UK/France/USA/World/World excluding North America etc.)
   ○ Whether any exclusivity is required
   ○ What fees you have been quoted by other copyright holders of the requested track

No. Siphon Records reserves the right to deny any licensing requests.

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